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Protect your Mars colony against drone invaders!

The human race finally made a colony on Mars! Even found gold and started mining. But other invaders came from the unknown planet to get your gold and to invade Mars. Protect your new home against self-destructive robotic drones treacherously spawned from their evil mother spaceship! Don’t get out of cannonballs or they will destroy you!

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  • Ultimate cannonade experience!

  • Hit precise to increase your score, hit in a number order to multiply the score!

  • Collect gold and upgrade your cannon to increase your attack power and speed!

  • Offline earnings!

  • Addictive gameplay mechanics, one-touch shooting! Cannon shoots straight, wait for drones to come to your aim!

  • Stunning visuals, amazing sounds, and infinite levels will make sure you are always entertained!

  • Become master of leaderboards




Created by Mingle Games