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Fend the shadows out of Lia's dreams

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CL About

Calming Lia is a relaxing free match-three puzzle game with beautifully animated art that brings unique mobile gaming experience.

Journey with Lia and Bao through a dreamland and experience the enchanting visuals, captivating soundtrack, and unique, challenging puzzle gameplay. Collect magical jewels, glittering diamonds, and shining gold – a jewelry collection that is sure to calm a woman's heart. Like a lullaby, it is best played at night before sleeping.


The game

Unique match-three mechanics combined with vivid character animations. Various quests and game elements make each level an exclusive puzzle to solve. Collect magical Charms to customize your experience...

Game Features

• A story set in a dreamland of Lia and the bear Bao!

• Hand-drawn art and beautiful animations!

• 600+ match-3 puzzle levels to beat!

• Beautiful charm collection!

• Leaderboards to watch your friends and compete for the best score!

• Invite your friends to help you on this journey and get your rewards! 

• Daily gold mine challenge!


The heroes

Lia is very imaginative young lady and all sorts of creatures come to life in her dreams. Always vigilant Bao the bear, but also shadowy spiders, wolves and monsters darker still...


The journey

Push aside the veil of night and enter the land of dreams where anything is possible. Travel the world from the depths of magical woods to the peaks of towering mountains and further on, into mysterious lands of dreams...



Created by Mingle Games

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